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Welcome To
E's House of Healing

Below you will find important information, links and updates about our Family Fun Day Event coming up. Please check back often and share this page with other family members. We do not have everyone's contact information at this time.

Event Updates

We have a family/committee meeting scheduled for Monday 7/25/22 at 7pm. This will be a mobile/web video conference. If you need technical assistance attending this meeting please contact me and I will help prior to the meeting. The meeting link will be posted on Sunday and again on Monday. Check back for link.
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Registration, Dues and Contact List


We are asking that each individual family complete a registration form so we can have a head count of how many people are planning to come and help out with the event. Please use the following button to complete the registration form. 

Family Dues

We are asking the individual families to contribute to making this event happen. Dues will go towards; food, drinks, paper products, activities and all miscellaneous expenses. Please use the following button below to pay your family dues. Family Dues are $31 per family and the deadline will be July 15, 2022. You can pay sooner. *There is a $1 PayPal fee included in the dues total

To-Do List, Committee List and Sign Up List

  • Food

  • Entertainment

  • Activities 

  • Set Up

  • Tear Down

  • Clean Up

  • Hospitalities

  • Decorations

To-Do List
  • Assign Committee Head

  • Get Head Count

  • Begin Purchasing Supplies

Click button above to download

Committee Sign Up Form

*If you are on a mobile device or have issues with the form, please use the Sign Up Form button below.

Pictures & Misc

Check back for updates

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